Recommending the Friends Characters Books

It’s the Friends reunion today, which will probably mean a massive nostalgia trip for most people. (Sorry Sam, I like but am kind of not worried about the show.) So I thought we’d recommend each of the main six a book we think they’d like!

Joey: The Twisted Ones, T Kingfisher

The only book I remember Joey reading was Little Women so I was ready to recommend him another classic, but Sam informed me that Joey also hides horror books in the freezer so they can’t get out. Sam really enjoyed this book!

Phoebe: The Bone Season, Samantha Shannon

Phoebe strikes me as very much one with her inner occult ways. One of our favourite books featuring the occult has to be The Bone Season, so maybe she’d dig this supernatural dystopia.

Ross: Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton

Sorry Ross, you don’t stand out to me any more than “the guy who likes dinosaurs”. It’s kind of this or a kids book – maybe authors are missing a trick by not writing adult books about dinosaurs.

Monica: More Orgasms Please, The Hotbed Collective

Sam recommends this to Monica based on the above scene. Maybe she’d love to learn how the world’s attitude towards women’s sexual pleasure has changed – or maybe she could even contribute to a sequel!

Chandler: Dummy, Matt Coyne

Sam loves the humour in this book – because of someone else’s pain? Who knows. As Monica and Chandler become parents at the end of the series, it might be a good advice/sympathy book for him to read.

Rachel: The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella

I mean, a whole series about a lady who loves to shop? How could that not be perfect for Rachel. I know she probably gets better as the series goes on, but she’s definitely a big shopper in my mind.

Let me know if you’d recommend any other books to the characters!

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