Our Rating System

We wanted to come up with a witty rating system, but it turns out we just aren’t that witty. Here’s what we’ve got instead:

No stars. Nothing. Zilch.

DNF. Awful. Nothing to recommend it, unsure how it saw publication.

One Star

Did not finish, deeply flawed, but could see how someone with different tastes would enjoy.

Two Stars

Finished because we had nothing else to read, or to see if it lived up to the hype. Wasn’t our cup of tea, but could see how someone else could enjoy it.

Three Stars

Read once, then give to a charity shop. Enjoyed but didn’t love.

Four Stars

Enjoyed, will get reread. One or two flaws.

Five Stars

Buy in hardback. Get it signed. Own multiple editions. Must rave about on twitter immediately upon finishing.

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